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25 DIY Summer Wedding Favors And Food Ideas

#6. Flower Crown

What better accessory to wear on your head during a summer wedding than a flower crown?! And don't you even think about buying one when you can create one of your own with your own customizations.

#7. Sunglass Favors

An outside wedding during the summer season is going to include A LOT of sun. Help your guests keep the sunlight out of their eyes by providing sunglasses!

Sunglass Favors

#8. Watermelon Margarita Poptails

Spiking your sweets is always a good idea. Recreate these delicious watermelon margarita poptails with a blender, watermelon, lime juice, sugar, tequila and salt.

#9. Beer/Alcohol Bar

Since you're going to be outside, might as well get creative with your bar and drink setup! You can use old barrels, windows that are found in flea markets or anything else that'll create a rustic vibe.

Beer/Alcohol Bar

#10. S'mores Prep

Provide these cute little tiny s'more packages along with skewers for the perfect wedding campfire. Designate a place outside for the fire so your guests can enjoy these delicious campfire desserts.

S'mores Prep

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